We know SEO and we will rock the internet for you! Build up your business with more leads, more consumer interaction, more traffic, and more sales!

A strong, visible internet presence is essential today, more than at any other time in history. Your business site has to be the island in a sea of millions and millions of websites. That’s where CrayfishSEO of Los Angeles, comes in… to work with you to achieve that level of notice and interest. It’s no longer enough to just put in a relatively generic keyword or two; you need quality, organic words and terms that will get the attention of the newest search engine algorithms. More and more consumers are using the web, both desktop and mobile, to find the products and services they need, before even making the first contact with a provider. That makes it much more important to get your business placed high in the search results on whatever search engine or platform the customer uses.

An SEO Guarantee? Seriously? Yes! Some may believe that SEO is more art than science and therefore nearly impossible to guarantee, but that’s just not true. CrayfishSEO has years of experience and a track record of proven return on investment (ROI) enabling us to offer a guarantee program and assure you of a profit on your SEO program if you work with us. Don’t risk your investment with any company that won’t guarantee their services. If they don’t have that much confidence in their abilities, why should you?

SEO is never static and only those companies that can keep up can grow your profits. Adaptability is everything, and the faster you can change to meet the needs of a growing, shifting market, and do that with honor, proficiency and integrity, the more you can stay ahead of not just “the pack,” but of every wolf pack in your forest. CrayfishSEO relies on extensively-researched best practices and methodologies that have endured, to ensure truly professional services that always deliver. We also believe that consistency in service and a high standard of ethics is the only way to do business. If your company shares those same values of exceptional quality and a holistic approach, we believe you should be working with us. We do not engage in any underhanded or questionable tactics of any kind, believing ethical tactics are the only ones that really produce over time, in income and reputation, yours and ours.

Holistic, organic and natural ways of doing things are CrayfishSEO’s focus. We analyze fully all keywords related to your industry, not just to your products, scrutinize your site and make suggestions on plans that will offer the greatest benefit to you. We won’t try to oversell you services you don’t need, only ones that will provide value for your budget. On-page and off-page optimization (one-company, one-stop shopping) allows for more consistency in content and style, while providing the same outstanding results, at a very competitive price. We’ll select or mix the strategies, including social media, pay-per-click (PPC) and whatever it takes to completely satisfy each and every client, no matter what their business or industry.

Realistic expectations lead to outstanding results. “Overnight” successes usually take some time. Time to build a reputation, time to spread it, but while your site won’t be the first result on Google the very first day, consistent efforts with an experienced company like CrayfishSEO will, over time, make you a reputation leader in your field. You’ll start an upward spiral of getting seen, making the sale, happy customers becoming your best word-of-mouth boosters, getting noticed more and so on. Then we’ll help keep you there, at the top.