CrayfishSEO is a Los Angeles based search engine optimization agency, that takes pride in aiding companies of all sizes and types to increase profitability by increasing visibility. We apply our years of experience in working shoulder-to-shoulder with the best U.S. SEO companies to enhance your website’s search rankings.

No other SEO company can match our experience or commitment to building your business presence on the World Wide Web. Whether you’re an individual sole proprietor or the CEO of a major corporation, we can maximize your benefits and keep them growing. Our SEO campaigns are unique at a very competitive price. Ask about our satisfaction guarantee!

Our approach involves using organic, innovative and leading edge techniques, proudly delivered with the highest standards of ethics and integrity, techniques that offer solid, verifiable results. Questionable practices, like link farm or keyword stuffing, may appear to give fast results, but they don’t last and do you no favors. We base our approach on the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

More and more business is conducted, or at least initiated, on the Web. Shoppers are no longer willing to go driving around to find what they want. They want to find what they want on-line before they even leave home. That’s where having a great search ranking and unique social media presence is essential. Search rankings ensure potential customers find you, and social media builds loyalty and identification. We give you both.

We listen closely to our clients, because we believe working together is the most powerful way to work. Every strategy we suggest is customized to meet your needs and no one else’s. We know you’re not doing this for fun – you expect and deserve a good ROI for your effort and investment.

It all starts with a consultation with you, because every business and every website is one-of-a-kind.  We start with identifying your objectives with regards to your site, what you want it to do, what you want visitors to do.

Following that is an overview of the site itself, reviewing the content and structure, auditing the technical specs of the actual site itself. Then, we start on identifying and analyzing your keywords, where they rank, how effective they are, what kind of links do you have and where did they come from, that kind of thing.

We move on to your keywords – what they are, how they rank. We’ll optimize individual pages, adding Meta and descriptive tags where they’re needed for best effect, and optimize all the page content.

Then we tackle the site links, working with you to establish strategies, bookmark to your social media sites, and make sure all your inbound links are from solid, reputable sources. After that, we can wrap things up with installing analytics and setting up reports so you have an ongoing means of tracking results and spotting changes or problems.