CF Facebook Group Widget

Very first you have to download and install our module. You can find the installable zip file from Download Section of our website.
Next go to Module Manager and choose the unpublished module item calls “CF Facebook Group Widget”
Or click New and create a new Module
Give the Module a title and Select the desired module position from you template.
Make sure the module is select to published and set to the pages you want.

After done with Joomla configuration you can fill the Module Configuration – showing up on screenshot image on top
1.    Module Suffix: a CSS class name
2.    Facebook Group Id:
i)    Go here -
ii)    Select “Find Group ID”
iii)    Copy and paste your facebook group URL on the field
iv)    Copy the id generated and paste it in to the field “Facebook Group ID”
3.    No of Facebook Posts: Number of posts you want to show up on the module – Default is 5
4.    Width: Integer value width in px.
5.    App ID: You can keep the value it have or create one from following URL -
Note : make sure Sandbox mode is off
6.    App Secret: Will receive that value from same application – see the below screenshot

7.    Theme:  Their have two option – Default theme and Bubble theme – choose the one you prefer.
After done with them you can save & close the module and enjoy the awesome module we’ve developed and giving away in free of cost. :)